A little about the line of dogs we are calling Phoenix Feist which is separate from my kennel name of Phoenix Squirrel Dogs (as I have other lines presently). Here in central Mississippi around Yazoo City there are 2 brothers named Holly and Hilton Stovall who are well known for having good dogs here in these parts. They used to raise pups quite often and I am not sure about their earliest lines or breeding's but in the later years it is my understanding that Mr. Hilton's dog Mac sired pups off of a female that was not registered which I refer to as Holly Stovall's female. You can see the pedigree's of Mac and some of the dogs produced from that cross if you look at Holly or Rock's page under the dogs link as they are products of the Stovall brothers breeding's from their last years. When I first started looking for a dog I contacted Mr. Holly but he did not have any and that is when I found the Galla Creek dogs and started out with them. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Jimmy Hollis who has a great male dog named Rock which is a dog that came from Mr. Holly and we struck up a friendship and have enjoyed hunting the last several years and he was friends with the Stovall brothers as I have become as well. After seeing how good Rock was (my Father really loves him) and talking with the above mentioned gentleman I decided to try and start their breeding program back up and hope to carry it forward as Mr. Holly no longer is able to hunt or raise dogs. I was able to acquire some female dogs that were from their lines one came from Mr. Hilton that was named Bubbles and another from Mr. Ray Hilderbrand named Holly.  Many thanks to them for these dogs as they gave them to me for this endeavor as we are good friends. We had the 1st litter born on December of 2012 and a few since and seem to be having pretty good results. Plus there are still other dogs around that came from Mr. Holly that are good dogs. In time I hope to improve the line and hope that it will become well known for quality squirrel dogs that are independent and that are driven to hunt.